5 Reasons to Have Tradesman Insurance

Tradespeople know that the conditions on a job site can change quickly, and there are always variables and hidden dangers in every location. Regardless of what trade you deal in, you will be exposed to dangers that you can’t control and some you might not even know about. You can’t always choose who you are working with, and you can’t know their commitment to safety or even if they have any common sense. The most important piece of safety equipment you can purchase is tradesman insurance.

  1. Public Liability: Aside from insuring yourself, when you are on the job site you need to make sure you are protected against the injuries of others. Although you will always do your best to ensure everybody’s safety, Members of the public can put themselves in harm’s way, or unexpected situations can result in accidents. Not only will this public liability insurance give you peace of mind, in most situations it is mandatory.

  1. Tools and Equipment Insurance: Your tools cost you a lot of money, and chances are you have tools that you could not easily afford to replace. A theft of your tools could be the end of your business. There is also the continual risk of equipment malfunction or accident.

  1. Credibility: When you have the right kind of insurance, many more opportunities will be open to your business. It is usually a requirement for getting permits and customers are happier knowing that they will not be left liable for damages caused by you or your employees. Tradesman insurance is something every serious professional brings to the job.

  1. Income Protection: If you are involved in an accident, you could be unable to work for an extended period. Having good tradesman insurance means that you can be covered for work interruption, as well as being compensated for injuries and time away from work. With the right insurance you will be able to cover your expenses until you are able to return to work.

  1. Plant and Construction Insurance: It is important to protect yourself against damages to the work site and surrounding environment. When accidents happen sometimes the biggest damages are to the client’s infrastructure.

To keep you and your workers safe, you owe it to yourself to meet with an insurance broker to learn all the various insurance products that are available. This way you can find a solution that works for you and your team. When you need insurance, it will already be too late to decide.