A Guide to Learn About the Working of Snow Plows

One of the common issues associated with winter season is accumulation of snow. Snowplow removal methods are one of the best ways to effectively remove accumulated snow from a place. The amount of strength that you need is directly proportional to the amount of snow that needs to be pushed. Snowplows and blowers are mounted on a vehicle to remove snow accumulation. Let us know more about the working of snowplow in detail.

Shape of blades

There are two major types of snowplow blades. These are v-shaped and straight blade. Straight blade is placed at the front of a vehicle. It will help in pushing snow straight or turned at any angle to displace the snow. Most of the straight blades are adjustable. They leave the snow accumulated to the right or left side of the vehicle.

V-shaped blades help in pushing snow to left and right sides of a vehicle. Both v-shaped and straight blades are used to “back-drag” snow. V-shaped blades can easily be turned in an angle to form a scoop that can move and lift snow.

Hiniker snow plow displaces snow in the most efficient way. You will find snowplow in different types like heavy duty full trip steel snowplows, mid-size steel snowplows, mid-size tilt-lift snow plows, etc.

Material of blade

Blades are mostly steel, painted and powder-coated to safeguard the metal. Its bottom edge provides an angled scoop. The remaining area of the blade is mostly curved. This shape helps in rolling the snow. Some of the curves have a C-shape. Lighter blades are made using plastic. Plastic made snow slides work better than a steel blade as it offers transparency.


Snowplows enable the user to mount them along with a light assembly on any solid frame. This frame is permanently attached to a vehicle like truck. After performing the snow removal job, one can simply disconnect the electrical connection and then remove pins to remove the lift pump, plow and headlights.


Blade Control

Control of the angle of the snowplow blade can be done either using electric cable reel and hydraulic system. This system can be easily powered either through the power of engine with an electric or hydraulic system and engine-mounted belt. The hydraulic system is powered using a pump run along with the electrical system of truck.


Before you invest in a snowplow, it requires you to understand how a snowplow works.  The above description of different parts of the snowplow will enhance your knowledge about the equipment and its operation.