Decoding product packaging: All you must know about corrugated boxes

Selecting a box for your product is often a hard task. Not only the product box is responsible for protection, it works as a marketing tool too. Now, if you review all the packaging options, you will find that corrugated boxes do have many takers. A corrugated box has rows of air columns and is made of paperboard material. Manufacturers like Belley focus on all kinds of corrugated boxes, and these boxes can be customized for your product, no matter how complicated the requirements may be. The rows of air make the box stronger than paperboard and basic cardboard boxes. In this post, we are discussing all you must know about corrugated boxes.

Advantages at a glance

Probably the biggest advantage of corrugated boxes is the weight. These are super light, can be easily stored, handled and can be moved around, without any extra consideration. In fact, some of the better-designed corrugated boxes are extremely durable. The best part you can actually customize the boxes in any shape, style, design, color and print you want. A lot of brands work with manufacturers extensively to design specific corrugated boxes for certain products. The cost of packaging can be curtailed considerably with such boxes, and the design is such that the box wouldn’t tear off. You can also choose to get the graphics and prints you need, so corrugated boxes are ideal for your marketing needs, as well. If you don’t want to spend a lot on custom boxes, just print the company name and logo.

The possible problems

For certain products that need extra hard packaging, corrugated boxes are just not enough. These boxes can get easy dents and can get deformed under pressure, so you have to be extra cautious about choosing this form of packaging, keeping product aspects in mind. As far as weather and water damage are concerned, corrugated boxes are not the most ideal choice, and in some cases, the product inside can get damaged. For heavy products, this is not a great option anyway.

In conclusion

Well, corrugated boxes are great for packaging, but you have to consider the protection needs of your product. Some products require a hardboard or strong cardboard packaging, and if you want to offer the box as an extra element of surprise, corrugated boxes may not fit the bill. For the best manufacturers, check online now and get an estimate for your requirements.