Knowing How Wirelines and Slicklines Work

Wireliness and slicklines are tools insert into the wells for both workover and logging efforts. A slickline is a thin cable introduced into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole while a wireline is an electrical cable used for lowering tools into and transmitting data about the wellbore’s conditions. Often, wirelines are composed of braided cables used to carry out wireline logging. These services are offered by companies like Renegade Wireline Service Company.

Understanding Slicklines

Slicklines are used to place and recover wellbore equipment like gauges, plugs, and valves. These non-electrical cables are lowered into oil and gas wells from the surface. Also, slicklines can be used to adjust valves and sleeves situated downhole, as well as repair wellbore tubing.

More about Wirelines

Wirelines are used to collect data on the well in logging activities and in workover jobs which require data transmittal. Wireline logs measure formation properties in wells through electrical lines of wire. They are constant downhole measurements sent through the electrical wireline to help geologists, engineers, and drillers make real-time decisions on drilling operations. They can measure conductivity, resistivity, and formation pressure. Also, the logging tool called sonde is situated at the wireline’s bottom. To take the measurements, the wireline is lowered to the prescribed depth and raised out of the well while continuously taking the measurements.

Wireline companies will use pressure control equipment that must be specifically designed to endure extreme temperature and pressure. This equipment must withstand a high amount of pressures easily. Also, it would be designed to endure the type of corrosion it may encounter inside a gas or oil well.

What are Workover Operations?

Workover is when wells production requires remedial work to sustain, improve, or restore production. Usually, workover operations require production shut-in; however, not always. In this kind of operations, a well-servicing unit is utilized to winch items in and out of the wellbore. Workover operations done can include setting plugs, well cleanup, production logging, and perforation through explosives.

Benefits of Wireline Services

Wireline services are a low-cost solution to fit the majority of the basic needs of the gas and oil industry. They have been helpful in terms of the industry’s tubing needs. Oil and gas well operators will find it helpful in minimizing the maintenance and production costs. The availability of wireline services will help in prolonging the lifetime of the well.