Make a Complaint Work for Your Company

Complaints are a terrible part of running a business. No one likes to be told that a product or service that they offer has failed to hit the mark for a customer, or worse, has caused actual harm. Unfortunately, criticism is part and parcel of daily life within every business. It could be due to your employees requiring a different set of practices and protocols to make life easier for them to perform the tasks being asked of them, it could be angry customers demanding a refund, or customers disappointed in a faulty product. In the worst-case scenarios a complaint can have a wide-reaching impact that can devastate the reputation of a company, and that is why it is vital that you have a clear idea of how to react to a complaint, quickly and effectively.

It isn’t necessary to think of a customer complaint as a negative thing alone. Professional training in customer complaints can go a long way to helping your employees understand how to best deal with a complaint, and how to get the correct answers that ensure a smooth transition from problem to solution. You should always have in mind that all any person wants when they make a complaint to a company, they have purchased a product or service from is a quick solution that satisfies them.

As a customer service agent dealing with complaints it is important to relieve the stress of the situation, to remain calm at all times, to be rational, and to problem-solve in a way that instantly demonstrates to the customer that you care, that you are listening to them, and that you are genuinely looking for an answer. This form of ‘active listening’ is a great way to engage with your customers and build long-term relationships, even with those who have put in a complaint of some kind. It shows that anything is possible and that a negative can always be turned into a positive.

It is important to be decisive and quick when dealing with a complaint, especially in the age of social media where a negative Tweet or Facebook post can quickly spiral out of control and end up damaging a reputation over the course of a few hours that took years to build. The best way to ensure this is to ensure that your staff has access a continuous training programme over many years that encourages learning and personal development, but that also ensures that company targets and projects are completed with ease.

With the correct approach and a team that has been highly trained by professional training and development providers to understand the signposts of a customer complaint and how to effectively deal with them, will help your business in turning a negative comment or complaint into a positive moment. Any setback should always be viewed with the approach of learning from it, and in the case of a customer complaint, the best companies will have a rigid framework in place that showcases excellent levels of customer service that is quick to react and find a solution for any given problem brought forward by a customer.