Putting Together a Site Induction Plan

If you are the person responsible for managing a work site, whether it is a large-scale construction site with a lot of moving parts, or a challenging offshore marine project, it is important that you devise and implement a cohesive and effective site induction plan. A site induction is a difficult process for both sides of a project – causing headaches for site and project managers, and being time consuming and difficult in certain circumstances for contractors. If you have plenty of employees on site, but also many visiting contractors working on site for as little as one day, working with a site management software will provide you with a strong framework and foundation to ensure site safety and efficiency for all involved.

With the right support in the form of a site and contractor management platform you can ensure that:

  • Your site has a smooth flow of contractors arriving each day
  • All personnel to work on site will have pre-uploaded information
  • Al permits to work are viewable prior to work commencing
  • All site and training certification is viewable
  • All training and induction processes are completed prior to contractors arriving on site

Think about how much of a difference these things can make to the running of any site. Site inductions can be long and tiring, with many bits of information irrelevant for some of the contractors, especially if you sit every single person down in the same room for the same induction process. Instead of that, why not implement a site induction process where you can control the flow of information and tweak the processes of training and induction to ensure the highest quality of contractor is arriving on site.

The biggest difference of course, is with the time this approach saves. Instead of having to queue up, provide permits to work in person, sign up for relevant documentation that may have been forgotten, and sit through an entire training and site specific induction process, contractors can only arrive on site if they have first completed all training and RAMS information through your site induction software. This makes it much easier to track all contractors, to manage time on site, and ensure that every single person working on site at any given time has the legal right to be there, has the relevant experience, and has been fully trained in all site safety and task specific health and safety protocols.

Permits to work and site safety induction is a priority on every single site. It just has to take place and there is no getting around it. Working as a project manager should be about maintaining a high level of health and safety at all times, for every single person on site. It should also be about managing time, managing people, managing equipment, and ensuring that the project is running smoothly, on time, to budget, and to minimise potential delays and hazards. With the correct site management software and site induction programmes you can ensure your project hits the top levels on a consistent basis.