Various Application Possibilities of Stainless-Steel Tee-Bar

Most common grades of stainless steel are 316L and 304L. In both of these grades, many long bars will be available. Following sections are quite common:

  • Beams
  • Angles
  • U-channel
  • Tees
  • Flat bars
  • Square/rectangular hollow section

As per the steel dealers, different sections and sizes are available.

  • Tee sections

Most of the T-sections that is used in construction projects, are load-bearing structure of any reinforced concrete, metal or wood. These T-sections are also called with different names like T-beams or T-bars.

That is because they are usually structural beams with “T” shaped cross-section. Market will offer wide varieties of several T-profiles:

  • Equal leg tees, that have same width and height with same measurement
  • Unequal-flange tees, that have height half the width
  • Tee-sections having much greater height as compared to its width, normally used in the curtain walls.

Few popular sections of stainless steel are channels, beams and angles. However, you should not forget about stainless steel tee-bar. These tee sections are very useful for production lines and manufacturers.

  • Customization and applications

With most of the manufacturers having laser fused technology, where you can get complete customization of the tee bar as per your need.

Engineers and designers will customize everything right from alloy, length, thickness, flange and also the degree of the slope of top flange.

Their product specifications will include:

  • Lengths from 10 feet up to maximum 40 feet
  • Height will be from 1 inch to 20 inches maximum
  • Width will be from 1 inch to 20 inches maximum
  • Thickness will be from 1/8 inch onwards

Most commonly used alloys of the stainless-steel tee-bars are 316/L and 304/L having duplex stainless are becoming more popular. Having laser fusion, various other stainless alloys also are available.

Food processing as well as packaging is quite popular industry for the stainless tees. Poultry plants will use 2 x 2 x 1/4 size tee for their conveyor lines. Few Tees designed with a 5ᵒ sloped type of top flange for allowing water runoff.

These stainless-steel tees can also be used in various production plants for many different parts of operating equipment, for walkways and platforms for supports, and many more.

One more application for these stainless tee bars is for curtain or a façade wall designs.

For architects, sharp corners with smooth lines are quite a favorite. Glazing companies love laser fused tee due to minute weld seams, sharp corners, and straightness.

For exterior work, stainless is always the preferred choice because of lifespan, corrosion resistance and certainly aesthetically pleasing look.