What are the benefits of PSG in Singapore?

The Singaporean government has created the PSG grant for supporting the SMEs based in the country to grow. The PSG is ready to fund various areas including information technology, financial management, business excellence, branding and marketing etc. Depending on the scopes and requirements, the small business that you run, apply for the grant by following the governmental terms and conditions.

Here are some of the benefits of PSG in Singapore—

  • Singapore is a globally acclaimed business-friendly country offering a perfect ambience created for growing businesses. The self-acclaimed “corruption-free” government not only ensure international along with local investors plenty of facilities for leveraging their business on the Singaporean soil, but at the same time they’re ready to offer funds for the SMEs to transform into digital and embrace modern technology to boom.
  • The PSG grant in Singapore is one such endeavor of the government, created with the hope of providing funds to different Small Businesses in Singapore in need of funds for developing the infrastructure of their business. Starting from improving the production to transforming the business into complex and highly sophisticated digital technology matching the standards of the present day requirements.
  • If the criteria of the PSG match with your small business then from the website apply for the grant.