What are the Best Work Lifts?

There are many different work situations where there is a requirement for lifting gear to be hired to ensure a task can run smoothly and safely. If you are looking for lifting equipment hire specialists to help you choose the correct work lift for your needs, it is important that you have an understanding of the tasks in front of you, the number of people working on a project, the location of the project and any physical restrictions that might be apparent, and the budget you have to work with.

Before you commit to hiring a work lift, think about these different requirements and then find a supplier of lifting equipment for hire and ask for advice over which type of work lift you should hire. There are a few different types, each suited to different situations perfectly.

One of the most popular work lifts for hire is the electric scissor lift. This acts in a similar way to scaffolding, except it is entirely portable. The hydraulic scissor arms are used to lift and lower many different types of work platforms. When you consider the flexibility that it brings, electric scissor lifts are some of the most sought-after on the aerial lift market today.

Vertical personnel lifts are another type of lift for a work setting that you can hire to help with the movement of employees and contractors safely and quickly around a working site. They work best on projects that are based indoors and are best suited for a single person at a time to be lifted above the floor, anywhere up to 26 feet.

Another versatile type of aerial work lift is the electric boom lift. This can move from its base in both a vertical and horizontal motion, which means that it makes a much easier job process in a situation where you would otherwise have to lower the boom and look to move the base before the next step of a task could be completed. It adds that extra layer of efficiency to proceedings.

Finally, although there are many other types of aerial lift, for now we’ll finish with the straight telescopic boom lift. These are always a preference wen working outdoors. They are the perfect work lift for those requiring a reach to areas of a building or project that are difficult to get to with traditional scaffolding.

Within the construction sector, as well as within manufacturing and production settings, a work lift is an essential tool. If you are in the market for a working lift hire, speak to lifting equipment hire specialists to find out the most suitable lift for your specific needs and budgets. It really helps to have the expertise on your side to make the most informed decision about which work lift will help to maximise productivity, efficiency, and standards of health and safety. Whether you require an electric scissor lift, and electric boom lift, atrium lift or straight telescopic boom lift, use the know-how of a lifting gear hire company to help you get to where you need to be.