Working Safely with Heavy Lift Telehandlers

Heavy lift telehandlers are an important piece of the jigsaw in many different industries, from construction and engineering to manufacturing and warehouse work. Choosing the correct heavy lift telehandler for your operation is an important decision to make. Therefore, one way to ensure you are choosing the right piece of kit for your needs and budget is to research telehandler hire from a plant hire company with a track record of success.

Working with plant hire specialists has a range of benefits, including improving the standards of health and safety for the operator of the heavy-lift telehandler. As well as every other person on-site, including contractors, suppliers, and passers-by if work is taking place close to a public area.

Health and safety standards on-site should always be the number one priority no matter the type of work being conducted. Working out how to get the best out of your telehandler hire agreement whilst improving safety can be achieved when choosing the right plant hire partner.

The best plant hire specialists will provide you with a clear plan of action that includes a high standard of health and safety. When choosing a plant hire specialist, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure that you are working safely with heavy lift telehandlers.

The first thing to consider is whether the telehandler hire service will include specific training for you and the machine you are hiring. Specific training manuals and on-site training support will help to improve safety standards, as well as ensuring that levels of effectiveness and productivity are met.

Training should also encompass the loading of the telehandler and a complete understanding of capacity and maximum weight permitted for the specific telehandler you are using. A load that is too heavy will tilt the telehandler, causing an accident and potential injury to both the operator and any person close by.

On top of that, it is important that the driver of the telehandler maintains consistency of approach and maintains high levels of concentration at all times. Creating an optimal view for the operator makes a big difference to the success of an operation, as well as helping to improve consistency of health and safety standards.

As well as training for the specific telehandler there should also be an extensive inspection, repair, and maintenance procedure that takes place after every single hire contract has been completed. What this leads to is a heavy lift telehandler delivered to site in tip-top condition.

A telehandler that is not up to scratch is more likely to falter and cause an accident and potential injury on-site. By taking on board the safety tips for use of heavy-lift telehandlers you can ensure that health and safety on-site, whatever industry you are working in, is maintained when choosing a telehandler hire service that suits your budget and needs.