You Have No Idea What Your Business Is Missing Out Without A Website

Today almost everything is pretty much accessible with a tap on the keyboard. Are you one of the small scale business owners who has been in the business for over 20 years but don’t have an exclusive website? Some entrepreneurs stick to traditional methods of marketing and try to boost their profit by referrals, mailing lists, pamphlets and word of mouth.

These traditional ways do work but having a well-designed website earns you customers in multi-folds. If you are looking for services offering web design in Singapore, reach out to MediaOne. Their interactive website designs with no doubt boost the number of your customers.

Email Marketing – Not too effective in the current scenario

In general, when customers receive a marketing email, they tend to look up for their website online to check the products. Even if they refer the corresponding social media page instead, in most of the cases a purchase cannot be made on the page which would likely make them take a step back.

Search results won’t grab the customers’ attention:

When customers look for your business online, they will only get information about your address and company name. Many would want to learn more about your business before dropping by your store.

Social media page

Many small business owners feel their social media marketing works more than fine for them and having a website wouldn’t do much difference. Social media has algorithms which they keep changing often. Your page may not appear often in people’s newsfeed with certain algorithms which loses your page reach.

Why is it important to have a website?

  • Credibility: When your business is suggested by someone to your friend, the first thing they would do is to look up for your products online. They won’t have a great first impression if they don’t see a website and they may even run into your competitors’ website online which makes you lose a potential customer.
  • Building relationships with the customer: Your website home page would give them an idea about your business and make them connect with your products at a personal level.
  • Dominate the market: If you design your website in an attractive way you are bound to dominate the market as many would be drawn by the uniqueness you offer. You can ship your products to other states and countries as there would be more reach among people when you have a website.

You need a website to make your business sustain. You don’t want to lose what you built painstakingly from the scratch.